Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Passenger Car and Light Truck Products

Because it's more than just a car or truck to you...

Hays Oil Company keeps you on the road!  We have Conventional, Full Synthetic, Synthetic Blend and Higher Mileage engine oils.
We also have a full range of Transmission fluids, Gear oils & Grease that meet or exceed the most recent OEM specifications. 

Hays sells more than just oil...

Hays is your one stop shop for high quality Oil, Air and Cabin Filters too!

Complete your service with our Car Care Products...

 Hays Oil Car Care Products
Gumout line of professional products including engine, transmission, power steering & coolant
flush products. Pennzoil power steering and DOT 3/4 brake fluid. Complete line of
Johnsen’s automotive chemicals.

Rain-X Weather Beater and New Latitude beam style blades.


Transport, Off-Highway, Industrial Products

Keeping you on the road is our priority...

Hays has a large selection of Conventional & Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils for your heavy duty fleet.
Not onlly that, we have a wide range of Transmission and Gear oils that meet OEM specifications for extended drain intervals & warranty requirements.


Agriculture Hydraulics and more...

We have AW Hydraulics and Tractor Hydraulic fluids for all applications. Large selections of greases to meet your specific needs. Rotella Extended Life Coolants for ultimate protection of large vehicle cooling systems.

Food and Beverage Lubricants...

Hays Oil Company can even provide the special lubricants you need for your food and beverage equipment.

Other Products and Equipment

Coolant and Anti-Freeze Products...

Hays Oil Antifreeze Products
We feature Shell anti-freeze/coolant products. Offering SHELLZONE conventional in both ready to fill and concentrate as well all SHELLZONE Multi-vehicle concentrate.

Lubrication Equipment and Flush Machines...

Hays Oil Equipment and Flush Machines
Graco & Balcrank lubrication equipment sales, service & warranty repair center. MotorVac
flush machines sales, service & warranty repair.

Hays Oil sells Perma lubricator products
Full line of Perma Automatic Lubricators. Products designed to lower preventative
maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.

Oil Absorbent Products and Equipment...

Hays Oil Absorbent Products
Select-sorb grease sweep and oil only absorbent pads and booms.

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